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Sugro UK launches Drive Your Sales Digital Portal

Tuesday, November 07, 2023

Newcastle-under-Lyme, United Kingdom, August 2023: Wholesale buying and marketing group Sugro UK, proudly owned by its 90 wholesale members, with a combined turnover of over £2bn, has launched a new digital portal for their Drive Your Sales initiative.

The Drive Your Sales (DYS) portal has been developed in conjunction with the digital magazine to provide retailers with educational support such as planograms, category advice and top products. The portal aims to raise awareness on how to maximise profit and revenue by analysing changes in consumer behaviour during key seasonal periods.

The first stage of the DYS portal project launch has been very much with the focus on Impulse categories with a similar insight on Non-Food, Grocery and Petfood categories scheduled to go live in October as part of the stage two project launch release.

As well as launching DYS digital portal, the Group published the third issue of their retailer guide magazine.

The latest issue focuses on highlighting how retailers can effectively utilise the power of social media to maximise their sales and revenue. Sugro collaborated with Supply partners to share the importance of stocking school-compliant products in the lead up to back-to-school season and the subsequent consumer behaviour that results from this. The issue explores the optimal allocation of in-store merchandising displays to improve the consumer in-store journey and the potential impact of the cost-of-living crisis on purchasing habits across different categories.  

Packed with useful range advice based on impartial category data, Sugro Head Office are confident that this initiative with provide additional support that retailers are looking for on how to adapt to the recent changes in the market based on Insight from supply partners and industry sources.

Available to view exclusively here https://www.driveyoursales.co.uk/

Sugro’s Head of Commercial and Marketing Yulia Petitt commented: “The Drive Your Sales digital magazine launch has been a huge success with some fantastic feedback received from our Suppliers, Wholesalers and Retailers. With Sugro members supplying over 16,000 Retailers nationwide, the new Drive Your Sale digital portal is certainly the right next step to move forward with to enhance the support even further. I would like to say thank you to Humeera Manzoor, Sugro Marketing Executive for all her hard work in bringing this project to life. A huge thank you to all our Supply Partners for their support and participation”.

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