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Sugro UK and PepsiCo join forces for Split Testing Project

Friday, March 10, 2023

PepsiCo and Sugro have teamed up to improve their eCommerce performance as part of a new project spanning the entire buying group.

The duo is using b2b.store’s B2B Digital Advertising module to run a series of tests in eCommerce platforms to discover the variables that deliver the best results and drive more online sales into the business.

Split testing (or A/B testing) allows users to run multiple versions of an advert or product listing simultaneously, with randomly segmented customer groups seeing only one iteration - ensuring the fairest possible test of the assets and indicating which approach has been most successful.

Any editable variable on an eCommerce platform can be tested, such as copy, design, imagery, colour or calls to action, making for a comprehensive view of the most-effective way to sell.

Selling products online is now a key part of any top-performing wholesaler’s business, so any means to find out what works best online is welcome,” said Sugro’s Head of Commercial and Marketing, Yulia Petitt.

The insight we’ll receive from running the split tests with PepsiCo will be incredibly valuable for our wholesalers, with the results mutually beneficial for our members, PepsiCo as the supplier and Sugro as the buying group. Once we have run several tests on different variables, we’ll have a much clearer idea of eCommerce best practice and be able to make changes that will result in selling more products in the future.

Sugro recently added split testing to their B2B Digital Advertising capability with PepsiCo the first supplier to team up with the buying group to run a test. The partnership will decide which assets to trial, with b2b.store running the tests across Sugro’s eCommerce estate and providing real-time results in the B2B Dashboard for immediate review.

Working with b2b.store makes running split tests easy and gives us full control over what we test and how we test it, with the results there for us to check out at any time. Adding split testing to the range of b2b.store services we use makes perfect sense and their specialism in the wholesale market means we know everything is geared up for us to achieve our goals.Yulia added.

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